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Intellectual property

China State Intellectual Property Office authorized the invention / utility model patents
Patent No:ZL201110000396.61、Automated winding and spot welding production line brand more at ease.
Patent No:ZL201410450158.92、Winding machine and storage device
Patent No:ZL201410450145.13、Winding machine and winding method
Patent No:ZL200720171754.94、Enameled wire stripping machine
Patent No:ZL200920135315.15、A computer torsion spring machine numerical control cable axle lifting device
Patent No:ZL200920130969.56、A winding machine with bidirectional automatic winding function
Patent No:ZL201120047947.X7、A high - precision two - way automatic winding machine
Patent No:ZL201120000657.X8、Automatic sorting device
Patent No:ZL201120047945.09、A kind of numerical control torsion spring machine
Patent No:ZL201420855265.510、Winding machine
Patent No:ZL201420509582.111、Cable arrangement and winding machine
Patent No:ZL 201621362936.X12、Automatic Tape Spot Welding Production Line
Patent No:ZL 201621299978.313、A coil wound assembly machine
Patent No:ZL 201621323789.514、A semi - automatic reel welder
International Patent Office of Intellectual Property Licensing
China National Trademark Office registered trademark