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Is a state-level high-tech enterprises,is a wholly owned subsidiary of BTCOIL Group,over the years,unswervingly professional research and development of single-axis hollow coil winding machine,providing the world's thinnest wire to the most thick line Diameter single-axis hollow coil winding solution."Wisdom Winding,the global service"with a sincere and professional,intentions to serve every customer.
Continuous technical improvement and constant innovation
Intelligent air-core coil winding solution can achieve the air-core coil stripping (peeling),solder,multi-layer winding and in the molding process of hot air,self-adhesive and other operating processes of automated convergence production,through the realization of equipment automation,To provide customers with hollow winding one-stop service.
Market expansion and after-sales service improvement
"Has the capacity is large,no desire is just",only continue to learn and improve the industry standards as their duty and establish a long-term focus on the passion of the hollow winding to achieve our vision.Our service is close to meeting the changing requirements of customers who are developing faster,better and more.With our mutual wisdom,to expand the broader market.
One-stop solution for the solution of hollow coil windings

One-stop air-core winding solution is based on customer needs for design,research and development,to meet customer's personalized,diversified needs.The solution covers the transformer inductance industry,the motor manufacturing industry
,Consumer electronics manufacturing industry,automobile industry,home appliance industry,and so related areas.After decades of continuous innovation and accumulation of steel electromechanical become well deserved
One-stop solution for the solution of hollow coil windings.

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